DSC Gallery

Your Heart for Life 14/11/2017 - 30/11/2017

The human heart is unique. It beats in everyone of us. The campaign “Your Heart for Life” will teach you how to take care of it properly and how to save your or somebody else’s life.
As we want to show you how exceptional the heart is, we are organizing an exhibition. A heart anatomy will be a main theme of art pieces created by artists in a field of product or fashion design, jewellery and illustration.

Previous Pasta Oner | Art is Truth

The exhibition Art is Truth presented the latest works of an icon of the contemporary Czech art – Pasta Oner. The author processed the theme of commerce and contemporary society with emphasis also in the way he perceives them. The central motive was the intermingling of principles of the high and low, that which is euphoric and ordinary and also heavenly and earthly.

05/10/2017 - 09/11/2017
Upcoming Jakub Špaňhel | Pod Skalou

The work of Jakub Špaňhel could be roughly divided into two markedly different areas linked by shared characteristics, such as a propensity for monochrome and formal reduction or primary emphasis on painting quality. The canvases are based on a depiction of a specific motif in its typical gestural style. The second group of paintings has a minimalist-serial character relying on a mechanical repetition of simple elements using a paint roller, e.g. “flowerpots”, crosses, pints or sailboats. (artlist.cz)

09/12/2017 - 18/01/2018
Unique limited series of screenprints by Jakub Matuška aka Masker

Jakub Matuška aka Masker has created a limited series of screenprints named #ideal #blackorwhiteisalright #life #onpaper #nofilter … etc., which was published and baptized with the author’s presence on September 21, 2017. The three Masker’s typical scenes creates the triptych-like and they are available in three different color versions. Author’s version is only available in 10 pcs, color versions of 15 pcs in one edition. Still on view in the gallery.

A catalog that you will soon be able to find in your favorite bookstore came out along with Masker’s show.

More info about the exhibition and screenprints here.

Jiří Černický and others wil be presented at EXTENDED PAINTING PRAGUE exhibition in Zagreb

The day of 20th October 2017, an exhibition of several Czech artists will take place in Zagreb, Croatia, under the auspices of the Croatian Association of Artists. At the exhibitoin, there will be presented several artist which whom the gallery works with in a longterm realtionship:  Josef Bolf, Jiří David, Jiří Černický a Krištof Kintera.

Find more info about the exhibition here!

Fall 2017 issue of Artlover Magazine is out

You will find there… what does curator and adviser Christian Dominguez do in Prague; current exhibitions and achievements not only of contemporary Czech artists; interview with Jiří Černický about how one of the most prominent contemporary Czech artists grew up in Ústí, about his traveling and guitar; … and much more.

Available right now in the gallery.

More info on magazine’s official website. Previous issues available in PDF.

We are going to be at Designblok!

Come and see our installation at the biggest design and art fair in the Czech Republic. On the map, you will find our stand in Superstudio under the number P.25. But that’s not all at all! At Art House Lapidarium, you will find a statue “Niemand” by Viktor Frešo, which was presented also in the DSC Gallery!

More info about the event here.