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Milan Salák

Milan Salák graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Acadamy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Already during the studies he participated in several group exhibitions, his first solo exhibition was in 2002 in the Salamander Gallary in Olomouc. From that time he introduced his works on eight solo exhibitions at home and also abroad.

Salák focuses, beside the independent art work, on curatorial and critical activities and by that he intervenes into contemporary art operations. An author, according to him, should  have features of engagement, that means to comment on to social, political and cultural contemplation and critique. The author is also the propagator of a new curatorial approach, different from traditional group or artist-focused presentation.

Salák’s work is typical for the drawing attention to the common and the seemingly non-problematic, thanks to which he becomes simple readable for viewers. As he himself says, the wants to eliminate any type of confusion derived from possible misunderstanding and on the other hand provoke viewers to a concrete reaction. His common themes are stereotypes and conventions of contemporary Czech society, the media image and his own personal „myths” – maps and aviation technology.

Recently, the greatest challenge in art for Milan Salak is to uncover his own intimacy and to cross his own boundaries of shame. By that, his work gets even to pornography.