DSC Gallery

Ašot Haas | Resonance of Sound

08/09/2016 - 18/10/2016

The exhibition Resonance of Sound, as the name already prompts, showed how to capture and view the sound. Ašot Haas connected sound frequencies with light waves and displayed them in the real time as a static light object.

The principle of his creation was the sound record which using the software he variously embellished until the geometric structure. Later he rendered it using the optical plexiglass and so it became the light object vibrating with sound. His work is thanks to that on the border of design, sculpture and artistic glasswork.

Ašoot used the most modern technologies and reacted on the latest knowledge of neuroscience and nature. However his exhibition had also a philosophical and political overlap in the understanding the other’s tone in the field of the international dialogue.