DSC Gallery

Ašot Haas | GEOCODE

01/11/2018 - 29/11/2018

Ašot Haas presents a cross section of his work from the past two years!

How does it look when sound explodes in real-time and transforms into a static light object? On the exhibition Geocode Ašot Haas naturally builds on his impressive light objects, large-scale paintings and glass sculptures. The third solo exhibition of the leading Slovak artist Ašot Haas will be on view from 2.11. to 1.12. at Prague’s DSC Gallery.

“The word Geocode is used to express certain places, principles, or ideas that I have addressed. I have worked with various media and have followed older works in the pursuit of dynamism and variability,” explains Ašot Haas the title and concept of his latest show.

Ašot Haas works with cybernetics, classical sculpture and interactive art, and it is a typical concept for him to record sound with the help of light objects using plexiglass. His objects, therefore vibrate from the sound however, also shine. Haas continually tries to develop in his work, reflecting the current time, thoughts and theories. Now, however, he also returns to previously processed themes and, over time, reworks them and projects his current viewpoint into them “I do not like to close on a particular view, I try to bring certain emotion and interactivity into the works, I like when each viewer perceives the work differently and the work creates a different emotion in each individual,” explains the artist.

Ašot Haas approaches his works very complexly, both with the very idea behind a particular piece but also with the materials and technologies used. His work hides complex equations beyond human perceptions and offer optical illusions. In spite of all the complexity behind the work, the work long time holds a minimalistic character, which has become one of the characteristic features of this artist.

Nowadays, when technology is evolving very quickly, most important is the topic of reality. “Art is usually a mirror of the present at any time, and technology enables the idea to materialize this as quickly as possible and thus contributes to a more dynamic development of my work,” explains the artist his view on the use of technology in art. The artist boldly controls the latest digital and developing technologies, which together with the understanding of history and new scientific discoveries naturally uses to expand and materialize his vision.

Ašot’s work oscillates on the border of sculpture and glass art, being visionary, his work gained well earned recognition at international art fairs and exhibitions, including for example the Maxxi Museum in Rome or Shanghai. In his timeless works, Haas combines real and virtual works with new materials and technologies. „Ašot’s work is an endless dimensional game. Smooth transitions from 2D to 3D exchanges constantly force you to change your perspective and be perceptive. The exhibition Geocode will be full of fascinating objects that one has to experience and see with his own eyes,“ concludes Olga Trčková, Gallery Partner.