DSC Gallery

David LaChapelle | Muses

22/03/2016 - 07/05/2016

The exhibition Múzy exclusively introduced photographs from the famous American artist David LaChappelle. The exposition over the two floors of the gallery contained more than thirty of his pieces that reflected the evolution of LaChappell’s work from the commercial photography for the advertisement and magazines to the work more focused on the motive of nature.

The little bit provocative exhibition showed the fantasy world of celebrities and sarcastic critique of consumerism. Exhibited were also his the most famous photos of the artist Amanda Lepore who is pictured while instead of cocaine she prepares to snort diamonds, or the portrait of the transsexual model Carmen Carrera that is based on the idea that if we perceive the human being only as a repository or entity for the soul, it does not matter what gender he/she is. This photography aroused a big scandal on the exhibition in Vienna but still, or maybe thanks to that, it was auctioned for the record for the equivalent of almost five million Czech Crowns.