DSC Gallery


18/07/2019 - 21/08/2019

Presented for the first time on the group exhibition are the artists connected by their common graffiti past – D-S-K. They are members of the most famous Czech graffiti crew DSK (Da Style Killas), who have outgrown the framework of classical graffiti and today are significant personalities of various forms of visual art on an international level. Formed by the artists Michal Dvořák (ROMEO), Michal Škapa (TRON), Jan Kaláb (CAKES) and Matěj Olmer (BIOR), the exhibition space will transform into the genesis of their journey from street graffiti from the ’90s to their current work today. Their presentation is formed by their combined links from their beginnings when the group founded in 1994, through their transformation period to their individual painting processes. After years of appearing on the professional art scene individually they have managed to show their work together for the first time.

As a number of young writers and graffitists, DSK crew did not stop at spraying their names “in the hood”. After their European wanderings, one of their biggest challenges was their trip to New York in 2000, where they travelled to do illegal graffiti where it all started, and with that where they took off with their classic graffiti. They painted subway wagons from the Bronx to Manhattan, because of that they were also confronted with the law. This visit was a turning point for them in their perception of graffiti and street art and started to individually form their own work. They moved their talent and experience from the streets into their own studios and exhibitions around the world. Rich audiovisual works, abstract canvases, filmmaking, 3D objects and paintings or neon structures, these artists are all signed under it. The exhibition presents all possible forms of their visual experiments and creative expression.

“Graffiti is something different for everyone, for me, adrenaline wasn’t a big part of it. The most important thing for me was the area and space that I wanted to shape and artistically materialize. Looking back at my work to date, I always look for the ideal shape and color relationship or contrast that underlines the organic and abstracted form. It’s about emotions, I never wanted to express a story and transmit hidden content,” adds Jan Kaláb.

“As a pure conceptualist, I didn’t want there to be solely contemporary paintings from the boys without any context. I pondered over the concept of the exhibition and wanted to show the viewer the whole journey. Emotions which connected us in our youth, videos and photos from our early graffiti days, further through let’s say our period of transformation, to our individual approach to our artistic work today. I am more a conceptualist and filmmaker myself; I avoid the gallery world a lot, so it was also a paradox and a great challenge,” explains Michal Romeo Dvořák of the exhibition concept.

“One paints on the city until one begins to paint the city itself. Concrete jungle, euphoria, a larger or smaller panel will withstand here. Growing up in a nascent society, when music, rap, breakdance, endless wandering through the city maze, searching for suitable areas for painting, shaped my view of the world. I write stories in my works using my own alphabet, or I display detailed city structures covered with messages and symbols. Scripture and architecture – I understand both as a connected field of thought, a sophisticated structure of human communication,” adds Michal Škapa.