DSC Gallery

Alexander Iskin

30/08/2017 - 18/09/2017

Alexander Iskin has introduced his works in 2014 at his first solo exhibition in the Sexauer Gallery in Berlin, which has been successfully representing him since then. He was 24 years old and the German art scene began to talk about new talent.

The work of Alexander Iskin can be perceived from two different angles. The first one is a classic oil painting, where the painter uses colors and where his special characters melt into abstract forms. The second position is then conceptual and visionary. As a performer, he is building a new reality, which he calls “interreality”. No vernissage can do without performance, in which he repeatedly develops the subject of existence between two realities. This is reflected in his paintings, where hybrid figures fly out of perspective, out of time and space, out of reality. “I’m trying to create such sceneries so the viewer himself thinks about what’s going on,” says Iskin.

For Prague, the artist has prepared an entirely new series of black and white works. His works so far, has been dominated by colours and their various combinations, so this exhibition will be the premiere of his new experiment.

Alexander Iskin was born in Moscow in 1990. He emigrated to Germany with his parents (father- mathematician, mother- violinist) when he was two years old. In 2010, Iskin met the well-known German artist Jonathan Meese and his friend, painter Herbert Volkmann in town called Goslar. This encounter has had a huge significance for Iskin. The famous artists recognized Iskin’s talent and invited him to Berlin. In the atelier of Herbert Volkmann, Iskin assisted for several years until the artist’s death. Him and Meese Iskin considers to be his greatest mentors and inspirers.