DSC Gallery

Jakub Hubálek

10/05/2017 - 20/05/2017

Jakub Hubálek (* 1983) graduated in 2010 at the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of Jitka Svobodová. He focuses mainly on painting, which he tries to connect with other media such as photography, comics, film, etc. During his studies, he trained at the Munich Academy of Bildenden Künste in the atelier of prof. Anke Doberauer. His work is typical for his figurative compositions of people – inhabited by a distinctive painting gesture close to the Baroque masters.

Jakub Hubálek works with vague implications, unresolved gestures, his works are mysterious. The spectator is presented with wide “playground”, where his imagination can be fully realized. The artist often works with a sloping motif that evokes instability, uncertainty as well as with gray valers building an abstract space.

Hubálek is a distinctive painter, convincing in his paintings and skillful creator of mood and atmosphere in his artworks.