DSC Gallery

Ondřej Maleček

10/05/2018 - 21/05/2018

Ondřej Maleček graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts (Prof. P. Nešleh, Prof. S. Diviš). Due to his previous studies, he is close to literature and verbal imagery, especially to classics of Czech romanticism and a novel topography (K. H. Mácha, K. Klostermann). Neo-romantic responses form an essential part of his poetics. Melancholic natural corners (paths, valleys), deserted places (fields, clearings) or dramatically defined scenery (nighttime forests, rock formations) lighten with distinctive naive morphology. The soft stylization, which gives the impression of enlarged diary drawings, points to an ironic distance to the attributes of transience (death, skull, bone), salvation (cross, face, saint) or national identity and identity (lion, flag, flag).
Malecek dazzles the sharpened, aggravating spikes of romantic unbridled, irresistible, and revolting moods to transform everything into balladic, bitterly funny fairy tales that do not say the dark depths from where they are drawn.

– Petr Vaňous