DSC Gallery

Prokop Bartonicek

17/01/2018 - 05/02/2018

We are very pleased that this time we can welcome to our Vitra Collector’s Lounge author Prokop Bartonicek, who is working on the border of classical art techniques and new technologies.
Large-format screen printing is created using its own “laser screen printing” technique, which further develops traditional screen printing techniques. Instead of screening the screen with diffused light and film or templates, the sieving screen uses a beam of a targeted UV laser projector of its own design, the emulsion on the screen so cures the directly projected laser graphics.
An animated projection of videodocumentation of selected projects, including JLler’s award-winning robotic work in Japan will be part of the presentation.  You can also experience the experimental Flash-face work that works with the memory of the eye’s eye of the viewer and which has been presented so far only at the author’s independent exhibition in the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region (GASK) and London.

Richard Drury about the author:
Prokop Bartoníček (* 1983) belongs to the young generation of contemporary artists who apply the latest technological innovations as a natural means of expression. Their creative arena is not an atelier, but a global communications network. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Bartonicek, however, does not move away from the human dimension of human being, he does not run into the artificial levels of virtual reality. The aim of his work is, on the other hand, the thoughtful (and still experimental) confrontation of the fiercely perfect expression of electronic media and the no less fascinating “real” world of man and nature. In the dialogue between these spheres, the author is primarily concerned with the discovery of processes occurring both in the human mind and in nature and the universe. Thus, in our imagination, it stimulates the consciousness of the laws (but also of unpredictable phenomena) that underlie the tangible framework of human civilization and, after all, the unending movements of the cosmos.
– Richard Drury, Chief Curator GASK

Prokop Bartoníček (1983) studied at UMPRUM where he was accepted, even before high school  graduation. In the admission procedure, he topped all 200 candidates. He studied in the prestigious atelier of experimental design of Professor Joachim Sauter at the Universität der Künste Berlin for two years.For Bartonicek, Berlin became the second artistic home. The sculptor deals with the development of light, interactive and experimental projects. In his latest project called “Jller” Bartonicek worked with his Berlin colleague Benjamin Maus. This large 4 x 2 meter machine reorganises and reorganizes the stones into different clusters according to their age, and their chaotic layout becomes so slowly organized structure. The artists demonstrated this project at two prestigious festivals. At Ars Electronica in Linz, the project won recognition and at the Japan Media Festival in Tokyo, “Jller” won the Excellence Award and Bartonicek received a prize from the Japanese Minister of Culture.