Hísek Jan

Plamen, 2023200 x 200 cmolej na plátně
Dýmnice, 2023130 x 90 cmolej na plátně
Tříoký kocour, 2022200 x 200 cmolej na plátně

Hísek’s artistry began at the Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design in Prague, where he specialized in typography and book illustration. Since completing his formal studies, Hísek has taken a multifaceted approach to artistic expression, exploring various rivulets that evoke inspiration. Today, the Czech artist is not only accredited for his poignant paintings, but is further applauded for his strides in printmaking and illustration. Hísek’s dexterity in fusing the individual components of painting, printmaking, and illustration is clearly exemplified by the meticulous nature of each painting that imparts a unique narrative for the viewer. Melting a palette of similar hues and shadows, each painting elicits an intense wave of emotions as spectators gaze into the ominous figures of a seemingly other-worldly realm. Though his creations may appear to depict figures of a different world, the emotions and inspirations of Hísek’s oeuvre are rooted within our natural experiences, allowing viewers to extract intimate emotions from each of his paintings.

The Amazement of the Wind