Malinová Pavla

Cifra, 2022180 x 145 cmolej na plátně
Čas minulosti, 2022180 x 145 cmolej na plátně
Čas na čas, 2022130 x 170 cmolej na plátně
Čas nadobro, 2022170 x 120 cmolej na plátně
Čas podle Ernsta, 2022130 x 170 cmolej na plátně
Čas večera, 2022130 x 150 cmolej na plátně
Čas života, 2022170 x 120 cmolej na plátně
Kyvadlo100 x 120 cmolej na plátně

Pavla Malinová was born in 1985 in Vsetín and now lives and works in Prague. She graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Ostrava, where she studied in the painting studio of František Kowolowski. After her studies, she decided to devote herself mostly to painting, her work featuring robust figures playing ambiguous games. Although she is in one of the youngest generations of Czech artists, we have been able to see her work in a number of domestic and international institutions. At the same time, her works are part of many private collections. Since last year, her works have also started to appear at international art fairs. She gained greater notoriety in 2019 as a finalist for the Jindřich Chalupecký Prize, when she was awarded for paintings presenting "a complex aesthetic that traverses a wide range of historical references with ease, without narcissistically wallowing in a self-referential relationship to the classical medium." Working with contemporary and archetypal symbolism, she is also characterized by a refined color palette and an ever-present touch of light that underscores her paintings' specific notion of inner spirituality. The themes of spirituality and physical and psychological peace still represent one of the key motifs of her work.

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