Scholl Dennis

Das sanfte Sich-Anschmiegen der Schuld, 2022160 x 130 cm olej na plátně
Die Fluchten der Wiederholung, 2021 205 x 150 cm uhel na plátně
Das Lied der Vollendung, 2022230 x 175cmolej na plátně
Maschinen voller kleiner Flammen, 202265 x 55 cmuhel na plátně
I want nothing in return, just the softest little breathless word, I ask of you, 2022140 x 110 cmolej na plátně
Die Intimität des reinen Verlusts, 202260 x 54,5 cmakvarel na papíře, barevná tužka, pastel na lněném plátně

Dennis Scholl lives and works in Berlin. He went through an interesting artistic development, gradually moving from monochrome pencil drawing to color on canvas. Scholl first began to carefully introduce color in 2015, initially in the form of chalk or crayon. He slowly made his way from red chalk drawings to pastels to colored pencils, and since 2017 he has fully switched to the oil paint technique. The compositional sophistication of Dennis Scholl’s works offers the possibility to progress through his paintings incrementally, and discover all its hidden corners bit by bit. Scholl proves himself a master-builder of narrative, carefully assembling its fragments into collages. Faces, bodies, plants, and other organic elements, structures, and materials come together to create a cohesive whole. Viewers of Dennis Scholl’s art enter an enigmatic, multilayered world. In this universe created by the artist, the onlooker meets characters that are both strange and funny, gaining insights into their quarrels and romances and becoming a participant or voyeur. Here, hair and tongues become trees and the human plant poses bucolically like a faun amid metamorphic tapestries and meandering landscapes. To approach the works of German artist Dennis Scholl is to engage with the entire circulatory system - not just the human one. It moves beyond the veins of a hypothetical viewer to include the sap of the entire world. Therein lies the most profound aspect of the artist's work: in the visible and invisible connections, the lines that links ones gaze to anothers, in the nebulous energy of the forces of nature. Everything is undulating. Scholl's images flow, even when they tear, even when a severed snake gets caught between the antlers of a deer.

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