Tinei Alexander

Kleine weisse Kirche, 2022200 x 200 cmoil on canvas
Son of dawn, 2022200 x 150 cmoil on canvas
Ocean, 2015-6270 x 200 cmoil on canvas
Weiping Song, 2016200 x 300 cmoil on canvas
Study for a head, 2021-2245 x 35 cmoil on canvas

Alexander Tinei is a Moldovan artist who has been working and living in Hungary for more than ten years. His works usually begin with photographic material from various media. He then places these figures in a new context. Their bodies are depicted in a unique way, through a set of venous, coloured, stigmatic signs. Details painted with almost anatomical precision are contrasted with often roughly produced abstract surfaces. The artist transplants subjects from digital photos onto canvases as a means of considering the body’s movement through time and space. In addition to symbolic oil paintings, he also creates collages, acrylic paintings, watercolors, graphics, and installations. The main focus of his art is the relationship between time and the human body; surroundings and objects rarely play a significant role. On the other hand, time is presented in its permanence, as bodies removed from their original context (photography and painting) always appear in some strange, somber, dreamlike, timeless space. As Tinei’s artistic expression continued to evolve, piercing tattoos akin to a web of blue veins began to bloom on his muted, dissociative figures. His embrace of artistic expression through muted pigments, detached figures, and cobalt tattoos exemplify Tinei’s breach and deciphering of contemporary art.