Typlt Lubomír

Závrať, 2022260 x 200 cmoil on canvas
Zatím bez názvu I, 2023 180 x 240 cmoil on canvas
Smutný kluk, 2022130 x 100 cmoil on canvas
Modré koncilium, 2022145 x 200 cmoil on canvas
Velké zrcadlení, 2022200 x 260 cmoil on canvas
Červený pláč, 2022145 x 200 cmoil on canvas
Mašinista, 2021130 x 100 cmoil on canvas
Čas se ohnul v pase260 x 200 cmoil on canvas

Manic energy radiates from the “abstract-technical” oil paintings of Czech artist Lubomír Typlt. The instantaneous convergence of pronounced, radiant pigments alongside exaggeratedly disconcerted faces of homogenous adolescents creates a canopy of urgency for the viewer. Typlt’s discovery of his artistic identity and dynamic methodology began with his acceptance into the University of Applied Arts in Prague where he submerged himself in drawing and illustrative techniques until 1997. The polarity of Typlt’s works continues through his thematic approach, where he explores the dichotomy between male and female figures in sequestered environments. A result of this isolation is the constraint on spectators to approach the piece without transplanting residual prejudices from the external world. Instead, viewers must confront the contrast of the painting, deciphering the vivacity and tension of the piece in isolation. Typlt is fascinated with doubling, doppelgängers, and cloning; however, he never duplicates figures mechanically, instead opting to hand paint each one, allowing the figures to retain their subtle individuality.