Limbourg Laura

Take off time, 2022180 x 140 cmacrylic on canvas
Boot with snake, 202290 x 70 cmacrylic on canvas
Day mission, 2022130 x 100 cm acrylic on canvas
Hand with snake, 202260 x 90 cmacrylic on canvas
Still life with balls, 202285 x 105 cmacrylic on canvas
Self-portrait with balls, 2022130 x 100 cmacrylic on canvas
Ace in the hole, 2022180 x 140 cmacrylic on canvas
Vase I, 2021160 x 300 cmacrylic on canvas

Laura Limbourg finished her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague only last year. Her paintings often feature motifs based on her hobbies, such as tennis and airplanes. Another recurring motif is prostitutes, more akin to sex slaves. Laura Limbourg has been focusing on this topic since she saw first-hand the extent of the sex business in Southeast Asia during her travels there. Her work underlines the severity and widespread nature of prostitution, sex tourism and the abuse of women (not only) on the Asian continent. Her paintings also feature other motifs based on her travels to exotic countries – plants and animals from the jungle, religious and cult statues, elements of Japanese historical painting, and vases inspired by old porcelain. She draws a lot of inspiration from her travels in Asia, having visited Cambodia, the Philippines, Taiwan, and more. Recently, she has started creating concrete vases on which she airbrush sprays her motifs. She recently spent several months in New York, which is also reflected in her current work. Laura Limbourg knows how to work quickly, above all persistently, because her paintings must not be allowed to dry completely while she is working in order to achieve her trademark the blurred effect. She uses watercolors on canvas in her work. The artist can’t change anything if she makes a mistake. Most of the time, she dives right into her work without making preliminary sketches beforehand.