Heres Jan

V klíně / In The Lap, 2022130 x 140 cmacrylic on canvas
Arousal, 2022170 x 150 cmacrylic on canvas

Jan Heres' work, and especially his perception of colour, was greatly influenced by his experiences abroad, which include an internship at the Indonesian Institute of Art in Yogyakarta and a year's stay in Valencia. The study internship in Indonesia was formative for Heres. From this experience, one can perceive an undercurrent of color developed and used that is atypical for a Central European artist and viewer. The central theme of his paintings is interaction, both between humans and their surroundings and between humans and each other. In his paintings, he visualizes themes from his own life experiences, inspired by human stories and their resulting sensuality, particularly within emotional relationships. He observes the inner state of man and his confrontation with his surroundings, often resulting in paradoxical situations on his canvases, which have their counterpart in hallucinogenic colours. Jan Heres is a painter of wild presence, in his canvases we find the unbridled and colourful urban jungle, which is connected to individuals and their emotional worlds.