Černý David

J. Robert Oppenheimer, 2016200 x 180 cmmixed media
Skull, 2013120 x 150 cmmixed media
Sex, 2013120 x 150 cmmixed media
Švankmajer, 2013100 x 95 cmmixed media

Some consider David Černý sculptures to be the manifestations of brilliance; others regard his works as the mere “happenings” of an egocentric provocateur. Regardless of one’s appraisal of his works, it is undeniable that the Czech artist has made a palpable impression on the contemporary art industry and the global socio-political climate. In 1988, Černý began his studies at the Academy of Applied Arts in Prague with intermittent residencies in New York City, United States and Boswil, Switzerland. Černý’s inconspicuous practices abruptly ceased after the rising artist painted a Soviet battle tank bright pink in Náměstí Kinsky in central Prague. The inception of the pink tank and the bifurcated response from both the art and political community alluded to the future of David Černý’s unflinching sculptures that continue to cleave the international community today. Though Černý is most credited for his immense public installations, he continues his work in galleries across Czechia and Europe. Within enclosed spaces of a gallery, spectators can appreciate the craftsmanship of his polymer resin sculptures. Whether Černý’s creations are exhibited within the structured walls of a gallery or the boundless spaces of public squares, the force of defiance surges through the veins of David Černý’s compositions.