Krajc Martin

Orange Still Life, 202360 x 50 cmakryl, olejový pastel, uhel, plátno
Face (Abstract Bodies), 2023120 x 100 cmakryl, olejový pastel, uhel, plátno
Blooming, 2023140 x 160 cmakryl, olejový pastel, uhel, plátno
Torso (Abstract Bodies), 2023120 x 100 cmakryl, olejový pastel, uhel, plátno
Tall Vase, 2023210 x 190 cmakryl, olejový pastel, uhel, plátno
Flash I, 2021–⁠2023240 x 280 cmakryl, uhel, olejový pastel, plátno
Lady and Matador, 2023190 x 210 cmakryl, olejový pastel, uhel, plátno

Bursts of color erupting across canvases embody the bold and energetic creations of Czech painter Martin Krajc. From 2003 to 2009, Krajc studied at the Academy of Fine Arts before embarking on his residency at the La Facultad de Bellas Artes Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain, from 2007 to 2008. Krajc was not only immersed in the techniques of the Spanish Old Masters, but was additionally exposed to the experiences and figures that encompass Spanish culture. A result of this exposure was a notable transition from firm depictions of traditional, figurative art to the unbound, elastic imagery of abstract painting. El Sanfermin, more commonly referred to as the running of the bulls, had a noteworthy impression on Krajc. From this world-renowned tradition, Krajc has conceived an electric world of los matadores and defiant bulls dancing in an eruption of blazing pigments and passionate swaths of color. As the artist has continued to titrate inspiration from his surroundings into his works - including photography, magazines, and street art - his oeuvre continued to blossom. His abstract paintings have expanded to feature contemporary interiors, exotic fauna, and striking figures in pools of voltaic hues. Krajc’s passion for street art and graphic design is further exemplified by his contribution to several collaborative art groups including the painting collective Obr and the graphic design group known as Firma. Whether Krajc showcases his oeuvre in a solo exhibition or a collaborative project, his committed illustration of the vivacity and beauty of life is applauded throughout the Czech Republic and the expanse of the international community.

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